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Stability of Supply Gains Greater Importance amid COVID-19

Over the past three years since the first COVID-19 outbreak, the global pandemic has brought tremendous changes to our lives, in what is described by the newly coined term, “post-COVID-19.” The textile and garment industry is no exception. In this article, we will take a...

When Is the Best Time to Buy Down?

As a natural material, down comes with a higher price tag compared to mass-produced synthetic fibers. The down prices influence finished products’ retail prices, which are a determinant of the sales volume and margin. That is the reason why the annual down prices are a...

Down Sales Trends: 2014-2019

Significant fluctuations in down prices in the past six years have led to continued changes in down insulation sales trends. Entering the new year, one may wish to look into the past changes in down supply and what caused them. For this purpose, data were...

How to Spot Glued Down?

Glued down is now on the horizon again since the price of raw materials has been rising over the past three years and the trend never seems to subside soon. For more information of glued down and how to avoid buying them, see one of...

Future of the Down Industry, Recycled Down

The perception of sustainability, a global issue, can change the value or structure of an industry. Recycling down is drawing attention in terms of sustainability, which minimizes the environmental impact of resource reuse. The demand for recycled down is also increasing, led by global brands...

Features of Down by Region in China

The World’s Largest Down Supplier, China Globally 4 billion ducks and 400 million geese are raised for the food industry each year. Breeding grounds are influenced by local and environmental characteristics and food culture, and the country that breeds the largest number of ducks and geese...

Market Analysis ’18 & Price Forecasts ‘19

At the season's greetings, PRAUDEN offers merchandisers of down and feather products the invaluable information that includes this year’s market analysis and forecasts of the next year’s prices, as well as what to keep in mind to fare as well as you’ve been.   Annual Price Trends <3-year...

How to Analyze Out ‘Glued Down’ Scientifically?

Soaring price of down motivates dishonest down manufacturers to mix genuine down with fake down, also known as glued down. Link to Post: Warning! Counterfeit Glued Down! It is the industry’s forecast that more fake down products will be found in the market as these gluing attempts...

Warning! Counterfeit Glued Down!

Down prices have risen sharply this year. Down prices in recent decades have been steadily declining since peaking in 2013, showing the lowest price in July 2016, but the price has risen steadily since the down demand has increased, showing a dramatic upward tick. <Change in...

How Long Will the Raw Material Price of Down Remain This High?

The price of raw materials of down is generally flexible, repeatedly fluctuating within a range of 10% depending on supply and demand. However, the recent change in the price of raw materials of down seems to deviate from this tendency. The price of the raw...