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Special Processing Technology of PRAUDEN

PRAUDEN has been growing as a leading down & feather processor through continuous research and development pursuant to satisfying customer needs. The company is making efforts to supply high-quality down at reasonable prices and develop functional down in order to satisfy increasingly sophisticated customer needs.

Phytoncide Coated Down

Antibacterial · Deodorization

PRAUDEN’s Phytoncide Coated Down is a product treated with microencapsulated phytoncide taken from homegrown cypress. You will benefit from various effects of cleaning provided by the anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects carried in phytoncide.

Citrus-Phytoncide Coated Down

Anti-Bacterial · Deodorization

PRAUDEN’s Citrus • Phytoncide Coated Down applies to down microencapsulated essential oil from Jeju citrus and phytoncide extracted from homegrown cypress. Known to be effective in reducing stress, the soft citrus scent presents enhanced freshness, while the superb anti-bacterial power of phytoncide provides greater sense of security.

Hydrophobic Eco Coated Down

Eco-friendly · Water Repellent

PRAUDEN’s Hydrophobic Eco Coated Down is a product with the best hydrophobic performance and the highest durability, by coating the surface of DOWN with special solution for the protection of DOWN from any contaminant. In addition, it is an eco-coated DOWN that blocks any substance hazardous to human bodies and environment throughout the whole process of production and application.

Hydrophobic Coated Down

Durability · Cleanliness

PRAUDEN’s Hydrophobic Coated Down treats the down surface with special solution to stop penetration by contaminants such as moisture and oil. The coating keeps contaminants from sticking to the surface, facilitates drying by reducing absorption of humidity, and diminishes wrinkling and malformation with excellent resilience.

HeatUp Coated Down


PRAUDEN’s HeatUp Coated Down is a heat-generating functional product coated with a special photothermal solution. This product maintains a higher temperature compared to other down products in any environment by generating heat through the absorption of sunlight or reacting to the body’s far-infrared radiation.