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Journal of PRAUDEN

With regard to PETA Asia investigation_updated

We are very concerned that the circumstances of animal abuse have been captured by PETA’s investigation. We want to make sure that animal abuse in any way is against our policy and we do not tolerate any cruelty to animals. Right after we were informed of outcomes...

New Product ‘Recycled Down’

[embed][/embed] Introducing PRAUDEN's Recycled Down, eco-friendliness and quality have been further upgraded through three years of research and development. It is an eco-friendly product that not only recycles 100% of clothing waste(including fabrics and residues) with a transparent supply chain with 100% Korean collected raw materials, but...

PRAUDEN Brand Content Service Information

With the increasing importance of the online distribution network due to COVID-19, the number of customer requests for online page and social media materials regarding garment materials has been rising. As DOWN is one of the most expensive clothing materials, the material itself becomes a...

Factory Relocation of PRAUDEN China

Since its foundation in 1994, NPA has played a pivotal role in raw materials sourcing by PRAUDEN. In this article, let us introduce NPA which has recently relocated and scaled up manufacturing facilities to Gaochun District, Nanjing, China in a bid to facilitate down production...

All business entities of PRAUDEN obtained certification from IDFB

Down is a very sensitive material, an even if it’s the same items, in the quality inspection, test results are different due to minute factors. This is the reason why you should check the test report of the authorized testing laboratories or institutes when buying...

Marketing the Recycled Down

PRAUDEN’s GRS-certified recycled down – launched last September - was first-of-its-kind in Korea and has drawn interests from a number of potential buyers since. Check out the related article here. With sustainability now matters more than any other values, it is all the more important to ensure...

Introducing PRAUDEN Hang-Tag Renewal

Thanks to its light weight, heat retention ability and velvety texture, down has been one of the most popular types of filling and most commonly used as filling for jacket and duvet. In terms of heat retention ability quality of these down products is influenced...

‘Down Operation Manual’ Introduced by the Down Specialist PRAUDEN

Down fillers are produced by processing natural raw materials with specialized technology. There is a big difference in quality of final products depending on raw materials and production technology. With the best raw material sourcing power and production technology, PRAUDEN supplies only the products that...