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Down and Country of Origin

Down quality is greatly affected by countries of origin. The size of down clusters depends on the number of days of breeding and climate conditions, which only affects the fill power closely related to thermal insulation. Based on its extensive experience and business relationships with numerous farms of different sizes all over the world, PRAUDEN stably supplies high-quality down.



Ultimate goose down of the highest quality

The Polish goose down industry, which began in the 19th century, is now globally recognized for its long history and high quality. Poland, located between Eastern and Western Europe, boasts an excellent goose farming environment, because its low plains and spacious rivers, lakes, and trees that take up minimum 75% of the entire land. Still producing down in the traditional method used by most of the local farms, Poland is also famous for the size of the goose down. Especially Polish Grand Mother Goose, raised to lay eggs for up to five years in small farm households, is the world’s only goose variety that can provide 1000FP.



Premium down created in extreme climates

Siberia has the foremost goose farming environment, with its typically continental climate that drives winter temperature down to 50 degrees Celsius and large farms. Siberian geese have well-developed breast down to stand the extremely cold weather, which is why the ball of Siberian down, 1.5 times as large as ordinary goose down and softer, is touted as the top-quality down. Siberian goose down also highlights a higher content of gray down compared to down from the other regions.



The history of down manufacturing started in the 15th century

As the representative goose down producer of Europe, Hungary has since the 15th century produced the most popular goose down for consumers. Adapting to the cold sea winds and abrupt weather change in the Baltic Sea, the Hungarian geese have excellently developed breast down and thus have their balls of down growing even bigger compared to ordinary geese. For this reason, the Hungarian goose down boasts excellent heat preservation, bulkiness, and fill power.



Pure white down manufactured in a natural environment

PRAUDEN’s Canadian goose down is entirely sourced from southern Canada, more specifically from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg, located at the confluence of Assiniboine and Red Rivers, has ideal environmental conditions such as extremely cold weather nearly reaching -40℃, large rivers and wide plains, which are suitable for raising geese. Canadian goose down is produced from geese hygienically raised in large-scale goose farms and has a very low odor. Its pure white color with almost no black points is suitable for thin fabrics and brightly colored clothing.



No.1 down manufacturer in the world

Approximately 80% of the total amount of down produced in the world comes from China as it has a variety of production environments and facilities from large-scale commercial farms to small- and mid-sized farms. Generally, goose eggs are incubated indoors in a place with a proper temperature and humidity, after which the goslings are raised in a field or near a river after 20 days of hatching. The fill power of down produced in China is not as high as those produced in Europe, however PRAUDEN’s processing technology still allows for the production of high-quality down products at a competitive price.



Epitome of premium duck down

Originating from the ducks grazing in the Pyrenees that divides France and Spain and the western plains of France, the French duck down has been long favored all the world over for its excellent heat preservation and fill power. Those ducks raised for a longer period of time bring better quality balls of down, and this leads to production of higher-quality down products. Especially the French Mulard ducks, which are raised for minimum twice as long, are recognized for supplying duck down with great fill power.