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China DOWN Product Labeling Standard Change

As of April 1, of this year, China's DOWN product labeling standard has been changed. Among the GB(Guójiā Biāozhǔn), the national standard of China, the standards for DOWN products are divided into raw materials, bedding, and clothing, and what has been revised this time is...

[Video] Why is DOWN an eco-friendly material?

[embed][/embed] As sustainability is emerging as a common goal of the global textile industry, interest in eco-friendly materials is growing ever high. DOWN is a representative eco-friendly material as a by-product of the food industry because it goes through minimal processing, such as washing and separation,...

Revised Standards for RDS & GRS Certification / Labeling

Textile Exchange, which offers certifications for the global textile industry, has recently revised standards for labeling. Let’s take a look at essential requirements to kick in from the second half of 2022. [table id=50 /] Among the key changes are that brands, as well as the end...

Beware of Counterfeit Down Hangtags

Pan-Pacific Co., Ltd. is a leader in the down industry. Since establishing Korea's first down processing plant in 1984, we have been supplying high-quality and reliable downs to leading brands in Korea and overseas for almost four decades. In 2012, we launched the PRAUDEN brand...

Fashion Industry and Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable materials are now being used in the production of garments as the entire fashion industry is being reorganized centering on sustainability. Webster’s Dictionary defines biodegradable as “capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (such as microorganisms)”   What...


Our changing climate starts to put the individuals in harm’s way. Sustainability seems to matter everywhere, and the fashion industry is no exception as terms like up-cycling and recyclable materials become more common than any other time. Coming to think about where the fashion industry is...

RDS certification A to Z for marketers

All brands want to produce and sell quality products at reasonable prices. It would be even better if they could add moral and ethical values that consumers desire to their products. The best way to add social and ethical values to their products is to...