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Introduction of new insulation materials

New types of thermal insulation materials for outwears are hitting the market, as opposed to traditional insulation such as wool, down, and padding. Let us introduce new products launched by a variety of brands for a glimpse of the latest trend of thermal insulation materials.   New...

Specialty in Anti-biotic Processing – Anti-bacterial Coated Down

With protracted COVID 19 pandemics, staying vigilant to hygiene has become an essential part of daily life. To build a safer environment where people can stay and work without worries, PRAUDEN has developed ‘anti-bacterial coated down’ coming in with special anti-biotic processing.   What are antibacterial products? Antibacterial...

New Material of Dreams ‘Graphene’ Insulation

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded to the scientists who extracted the graphene from a piece of graphite. With the process of attaching and detaching sticky tape to and from graphite in pencils, they succeeded in extracting graphene for the first time in...

Pyrogen, a special antibacterial processing technology

COVID-19 has increased people’s sensitivity about hygiene in their daily lives, and they are increasingly interested in materials with antibacterial properties. To answer the demand of the times, SynCloud offers a special antibacterial processing for insulation. Pyrogen is a special processing technique that exerts 99.9%...

Things to note about down product discoloration

Textile products may suffer discoloration caused by various factors, for example sunlight, sweat, antioxidants, or stickers. Here are some tips to avoid discoloration.   What is discoloration? Discoloration of textile products occurs when they are exposed to chemical reactions or sunlight, leading to changes in color. Oftentimes white...

Synthetic Insulation Production Process: Part 3. Recycling

The last two articles focused on how petroleum turns to synthetic insulation. This article will guide you to the production process of recycled polyester insulation, an essential material for sustainable fashion. Synthetic Insulation Production Process: Part 1. Raw materials Synthetic Insulation Production Process: Part 2. Processing   What is...

Synthetic Insulation Production Process: Part 2. Processing

The “Synthetic Insulation Production Process” series is intended to help you better understand the material. This article focuses on the second step, processing. Link: Synthetic Insulation Production Process: Part 1. Raw Materials Synthetic insulation production processes vary by its form, as shown in the figure below. The...

Synthetic Insulation Production Process: Part 1. Raw Materials

Understanding of raw materials is essential in the planning phase of garment manufacturing as it allows to find proper materials that best serve to the purpose and maximize the benefits of the selected ones. In this newsletter and two mores to follow, you will find details...

Synthetic Insulation 101

There are growing demands for thermal insulation materials, which are associated with down price fluctuations, climate change, and needs for alternatives to animal materials. In response thereto, Pan-Pacific recently decided to merge its natural down insulation brand PRAUDEN and synthetic insulation brand ABSOLON to form...