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Introducing PRAUDEN Hang-Tag Renewal

Introducing PRAUDEN Hang-Tag Renewal

Thanks to its light weight, heat retention ability and velvety texture, down has been one of the most popular types of filling and most commonly used as filling for jacket and duvet. In terms of heat retention ability quality of these down products is influenced by the quality of down used, being the reason why consumers must check the quality of down beyond design and properties of down product.

Checking Hang-Tag is definitely most convenient way to make sure that quality down is used for down products, as PRAUDEN, a specialty down manufacturer brand, provides all consumers with an opportunity to check and trust down quality information by providing Hang-Tag to down products using PRAUDEN down. Boasting 50+% market share, PRAUDEN, the largest manufacturer of down in Korea, issues annual average of 5 million Hang-Tags, meaning that one out of ten Koreans wear PRAUDEN down by way of ‘Hang-Tagged’ down products.

With renewed PRAUDEN Hang-Tag for improved readability, consumers may now collect information needed to check the quality of down more easily.


How Did PRAUDEN Hang-Tag Look So Far?

<Conventional PRAUDEN Hang-Tag>

A conventional PRAUDEN Hang-Tag, illustrated above and used by the end of 2017, allows consumer to easily tell the fill power grade of down used by Hang-Tag’s feature color. You can find more information about previous PRAUDEN Hang-Tag here.


Value-oriented Consumption

Mature consumers now take values and ethics into account when consuming, contrary to conventional consumers preferring high-specification, name-brand products. Looking for valuable products to purchase, these mature consumers are not only keen on price, but also questioning themselves like, ‘how eco-friendly the product is’ and ‘was the product ethically produced?’

Down is eco-friendly enough to satisfy these sophisticated consumers as it is made out of feathers, by-products from food industries, meaning that it requires less energies used and produces less wastes throughout its lifecycle than they are for such types of filling as chemical fillings, wool and cotton. Nike’s Materials Sustainability Index(MSI) logically explains eco-friendliness of down as down’s MSI is the highest among fillings for clothing. You can find out more information about MSI here.


A Renewed PRAUDEN Hang-Tag

Renewal of PRAUDEN Hang-Tag is in line with such trend of consumption as it mainly features, among other benefits, ‘eco-friendliness’ of down with improved readability as illustrated below:

<Renewed PRAUDEN Hang-Tag>

The renewed PRAUDEN Hang-Tags will now have the same background image regardless of fill power grade, while providing consumers with such variable information as variety, country of origin, down content and fill power. Magnified image of down is used as a uniform background for all Hang-Tags to improve look and feel of down, while providing down and feather properties information using featured icons for improved readability. Just like that, a renewed PRAUDEN Hang-Tags contains all the information that a consumer needs to check for quality down.

At the bottom of the front of the renewed PRAUDEN Hang-Tags is a QR Code that links to the official PRAUDEN website where consumers can find more information, improving the brand’s trustworthiness even more. The QR Code directs a consumer to the language he or she reads in the Hang-Tag. For more information about the renewed PRAUDEN Hang-Tags, visit here.


Hang-Tag for PRAUDEN Special Line Down

A separate Hang-Tag has been provided for down products using PRAUDEN Special Line Down that feature special down processing for, to name but a few, heat generating or deodorizing property. Renewed Hang-Tag has information as detailed as the conventional one, with a featured image on the flipside that illustrates special processing applied to the down.

<Conventional (Left) and Renewed (Right) Hang-Tags for PRAUDEN Special Line Down>

For more information about the renewed Hang-Tags for PRAUDEN Special Line Down, visit here.


Renewed Hang-Tags for RDS-certified Down Products

A separate Hang-Tag has been provided for down products certified as satisfying Responsible Down Standard (RDS-certified). The renewed Hang-Tags for RDS-certified down products have the same information with the conventional ones, only the size of the tag adjusted.

<Renewed Hang-Tags for RDS-certified Down Products>

For more information about the renewed Hang-Tags for RDS-certified Down Products, visit here.

These renewals of Hang-Tags are intended to deliver to consumers PRAUDEN’s will to disseminate that down can ethically be produced in a manner friendly to the ecosystem.


By LEE Su-kyung, Marketing Part, PRAUDEN