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Sustainable Future with PRAUDEN

PRAUDEN fully complies with all related material safety standards and animal welfare regulations, and such compliance is assured by a number of international certificates. In order to formulate and comply with strict quality standards and the code of ethics, and to contribute to the meaningful change and sustainable growth of the down & feather industry, PRAUDEN cooperates with a vast array of global organizations.

Contribution to Animal Welfare

Reliable down doesn’t only mean quality. PRAUDEN believes that truly reliable down is made of down & feather collected from waterfowl raised under strict animal welfare regulations as a by-product of the food industry. As part of animal welfare compliance, PRAUDEN products are certified for RDS, IDFL Supply Chain Traceability Audit, and CFDIA Non Live-Plucked Products Guarantee.

RDS Certified by Control Union

Responsible Down Standard

RDS Certified by Control Union

Down & feather are a poultry by-product, and have been adopted in various industries as an eco-friendly material for centuries. However, there have recently been more animal abuse cases such as live plucking and force feeding in an effort to keep up their production volume with the rapid growth of the down & feather industry. RDS (Responsible Down Standard) is an international standard designed to resolve such animal abuse issues and enable the down & feather industry to make further growth.
The RDS logo can be attached on the final products only when all distribution processes are individually approved by RDS. PRAUDEN is certified for RDS for the first time in Korea. We provide a RDS hang-tag to clients to be attached on final products that pass all certification processes including at garment manufacturer.
TP Inc., the parent company of PRAUDEN, has both RDS-certified down processing plants and clothing factories. Therefore, it provides a “One-Stop RDS Service” that supplies RDS-certified products without any additional steps.

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RDS Certificates(as of July 2018)

Category Details
Certified Organizations(Location, Certification Applicant) Down & feather processing
Cheonan Factory(Korea, TP Inc.)
VINA PRAUDEN(Vietnam, TP Inc.)
NPA(China, NPA)
Garment manufacturing
VPW, VPA, VPI, VPC, VPT(Vietnam, TP Inc.)
VPI(Myanmar, TP Inc.)
PPN, NPC(Indonesia, TP Inc.)
Certified Products White Goose Down
Gray Goose Down
White Duck Down
Gray Duck Down
Certification body Control Union
Certificate Number TP Inc. : C835527-02.2018
NPA: C838269-01.2018
VINA : C844754-01.2018

RDS Hang-Tag

RDS Certification

Process for RDS certification

Process for RDS certification

1) Animal Welfare Standard Certification

It certifies that animals, from hatching to slaughtering, will be free from any hunger, thirst, physical pain, injury, disease, fear or stress. In addition, it certifies that an animal welfare system where animals live under the natural environment has been established and managed. Prohibition of any animal abuse such as live plucking or force feeding is also included.

2) Chain of Custody Certification

In the chain of custody certification, whether RDS-certified DOWN have been properly separated from non-certified DOWN during processing and distribution is evaluated. Transaction certification will be issued to all RDS-certified DOWN under a thorough DOWN tracking system, and such issuance guarantees that every process from breeding to plucking, processing, sewing and distribution has been managed continuously and transparently.

IDFL Supply Chain Traceability Audit

IDFL (International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory) is the largest down & feather laboratory in the world. IDFL Audit issued by IDFL tracks providers of down materials to certify that the supply chain follows standard procedures and systems. The assessment includes animal abuse inspection. It guarantees that down & feather are produced through safe and ethical processes.

CFDIA Non Live-Plucked Products Guarantee

CFDIA (China Feather & Down Industrial Association) is China’s largest down & feather industrial association that accounts for 80% of total global down & feather production. CFDIA prohibits live-plucking and offers Non Live-Plucked Products Guarantee. Down & feather that received CFDIA Guarantee are managed not to be mixed with uncertified down & feather through a purchase record verification system.

Protection of Environment

PRAUDEN is making various efforts to establish safe down production, processing, and distribution processes for producers, consumers, and the natural environment.

bluesign® system partner


bluesign® is a certification standard for the environment, health and safety. It guarantees minimum levels of harmful substances produced as well as the efficient use of all resources used. To insure safety for producers and consumers alike, bluesign guarantees a thorough inspection process in the effective use of all material substances before production, safety of workers in the factory during production, and the minimization of pollutants produced after production. As the bluesign® system partner, we are striving to promote sustainable development of the textile industry.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 guarantees that the use of harmful chemicals or metals harmful to the human body and the environment are limited. And it also assures that down is an eco-friendly material cleaned and processed with harmless detergents.

Global Recycled Standard

GRS(Global Recycled Standard) is an international textile certification granted to the brands sourcing from recycled materials, whose manufacture processes are tracked by an independent certifying body to guarantee that the recycled materials are used on a constant basis. In addition, GRS guarantees the safety of the products to producers, consumers and the environment by performing a wide range of inspections to ensure social and environmental responsibility and safe use of chemicals in production processes and products.

Membership of Down & Feather Association

PRAUDEN joined the international down & feather associations in order to swiftly respond to the ever-changing down market.

Member of IDFB

IDFB (International Down & Feather Bureau) is the international trade association of the down & feather industry (processors of raw material and/or producer of finished articles, filled with down & feather), the down & feather trade and independent testing institutes for down & feather as filling material. IDFB develops and promotes International Standards for down & feather fillings and annually re-assess approved Testing Institutes such as IDFL to guarantee the maintenance of International Standards. It presents the clear standards to consumers and provides information about the down & feather market to producers quickly and accurately. PRAUDEN, as an official member of IDFB, supplies various products in accordance with the different feather filling standards by country and swiftly responds to the changing down market.