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PRAUDEN Settles Nothing Less Than the Best Down

PRAUDEN has been producing an extensive range of products in order to meet various customer needs, considering varieties of waterfowl (goose down, duck down, eiderdown), countries of origin of down & feather, down to feather ratio, and fill power. We provide hang-tag in order to help end-users understand down products and improve confidence in your products. PRAUDEN’s world-class product quality comes from its systematic production management system.


One of the oldest natural materials in the world, goose down is now favored as a premium filling for keeping the body warm throughout the winter. As the down cluster from a goose is about 1.5 times larger than that from a duck, its down cluster is more developed, thus boasting more excellent fill power (FP), thermal insulation, and lightness. Based on its processing technology and worldwide supply network of high-quality goose down from countries such as China, Hungary, Siberia, and Poland, PRAUDEN provides a variety of products in five grades from 600FP to 900FP, in consideration of the customer needs.

Goose Down Fill Power Grade

Goose Down Hang-Tag

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Down & feather, a by-product of the food industry, are an eco-friendly material which have been favored for centuries. In particular, the duck down industry has been rapidly developing in close association with the massive duck meat industry. Thanks to its large-scale production, the prices of duck down are much more reasonable than goose down. Based on its large-scale farms all over the world in countries such as China, France, Canada, and Siberia, PRAUDEN provides various products in two different fill power grades from at least 500FP to 700FP or higher in consideration of the customer needs.

Duck Down Fill Power Grade

Duck Down Hang-Tag

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